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Best Friend in Alumni Relations

Utilizing technology to build a legacy. Legacy Linker's alumni linkage program opens up a world of new posibilities for Alumni Associations.

Data Gathering

Let us do the work of gathering information on your alumni association members.

Data Visualization

Get a better understanding of where your alumni live, work, and who they interact with.

Donor Growth

Legacy Linker helps you build relationships with your alumni base, not just current donors.

Alumni Relations

Show your support for all of your alumni as they go through big life changes.

Be there at every moment

Rekindling Alumni Hearts and Unlocking Data Gold

We tackle universities' biggest engagement hurdles – from apathy to distance – with a secret weapon: personalized, social recognition at life's pivotal moments.

Gather Data

In the fast paced world we live in, it's almost impossible to keep track of your alumni. Let Legacy Linker gather that information for you!

Build Relationships

Lasting relationships are built over time. Show your alumni support during pivotal moments in their life.

A goldmine of knowledge awaits

Unlock the Boundless Potential of your Alumni Network

Our platform doesn't just foster pride and brand awareness, it generates unique data insights – revealing which alumni connect, forming natural "groupings" for targeted engagement.

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Legacy Linker's unique platform makes it easy to stay in touch with your alumni and learn more about the habits of your alumni base itself.

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